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Feb. 22nd, 2017 03:04 am
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Name | Alias: Kaden

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Age: No canon age is given for Kaden, but he's in charge of an entire tribe and can get married in game so he's an adult. His appearance seems to be in his 20s.

Canon: Fire Emblem Fates

Canon point: Chapter 12 in Birthright



Kaden is a bright orange ray of playful, slightly ornery sunshine who acts more like a domesticated dog than a fox. He has fun rolling in piles of leaves, having his fur brushed, and isn't too shy about asking to have his belly rubbed. If you meet him out and about on his travels, chances are he'll greet you with a big smile and a wag of his tail.

One of the major parts of Kaden's character is his tendency to 'return favors'. He considers himself in debt to those who help him, even small kindnesses, and he will stick by their side until he's able to repay them in some way. It was due to this that he got lost quite a far distance from his home village, although he doesn't seem especially bothered by his circumstances or in any hurry to return. While he speaks of the place wistfully, he tends to find plenty to enjoy wherever he is and very eagerly makes new friends.

To clash with his laid back demeanor, he's is guilty of vanity. He's very proud of his fur, and is known to brag frequently about its quality and beauty to anyone who will listen. In spite of his pride in his appearance, he's not afraid to get his paws dirty with a battle if it's needed. After all, he's also incredibly proud of his battle prowess. Really, he's all around confident about pretty much every facet of himself, but thanks to his jovial disposition it never comes off as being conceited. In general, he's a very positive guy.

The lone exception to Kaden's friendly personality only shows itself if you choose the game route that takes you past the fox village while he's in charge. While he'll greet you with the same exuberance he does elsewhere in the game, you soon realize you are surrounded by other members of his village ready to kill you. He explains it's simply too dangerous to allow outsiders to live thanks to the many who've attempted to poach his people for their fur. While he'll wish the circumstances are different he will show no mercy, and you end up having to kill him and the other foxes to proceed.

Abilities and Nerfs: Kaden has the ability to turn into a multi-tailed fox creature called a kitsune. Sometimes this is used for battle, but it's also just done for fun.

Inventory: Just the clothes on his back.

Appearance: About 6'0, lithe, with long orange hair that goes down to just above his shoulders. Atop his head are two fluffy fox ears that match the bushy tail below.

Five Desires:
- A really good brush for his fur.
- High quality shampoo.
- A pile of leaves to play in. Not much nature around space!
- A bed canopy to recreate a den-like atmosphere.
- Some kind of chew toy.

Samples: Sample One


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